Unemployed what to do ?

Howto stay motivated when the job search seems unending

A person’s job often defines his/her identity. This is exactly why many people are proud about what they do for a living. The exact opposite is also possible when people feel ashamed or inadequate due to their so called low profile jobs. When a job is closely and strongly linked to one’s self-image and self-esteem, the state of chronic unemployment could be tough to endure. If you are reading this, chances are that you are actively looking for a job. Are constant setbacks and unbearable frustration taking a toll on your mental health? Then, it is important to recognize your situation as an extremely common one. Hope is still on and you can surely bounce back from the depths of depression. We give few important tips to help you get back on track in style.



Break it into pieces- A daunting task appears achievable when it is broken down into small pieces. When it comes to job hunting, this approach uplifts your confidence and keeps hopes alive. Being out of work can feel like staying in a deep pit. But, tiny steps to come out of it can make the entire process easy. Nobody lands themselves in a dream job in one go. Start by looking for appropriate opportunities everywhere. Once you find a right opportunity, suppress that negative inner voice and confidently shoot your resume/cover letter to them. There are two possible scenarios. If you get a call for interview, you have successfully advanced to the next step. Then, it is the time to prepare for the ultimate performance. Decide on the attire and keep necessary documents ready. Now, what if you don’t hear from them? This is where you have to stay strong and prevent yourself from getting shattered. Be proud that you have put in the best of efforts and went through those initial steps successfully. Also, believe that luck will smile on you next time.


Take a break to unwind- If the situation is giving you a hard time, a short break would refresh your heart and soul. This will even provide fresh ideas and innovative approaches to go about the task. Remember that great battles require replenished energy reserves. Take a solitary trip into a far off land or hang out at peaceful locales in the vicinity. Both ways,nature would help you get rid of the burden and refill your mind with enhanced vigor. However, we are not suggesting you to run away from responsibilities and realities. If possible, utilize the time to meet relevant people, expand your contacts and pitch for positions. When done in a relaxed atmosphere, you will be able to approach the encounter in a cool headed manner and impress important persons in big industries.


Find emotional crutches to lean on- When the going gets tough, a permanent source of emotional support should be thereto provide solace and long-lasting inspiration. Find a person who can completely understand what you are going through and offer constructive advice. This can be your spouse, a good friend, parents or any other close confidant.  With ample affection and whole hearted encouragement from them, it is possible to take pride in the immense value you hold in their lives. As a result, you get re-energized to continue the struggle for success once again with augmented robustness. In addition, this approach has other psychological benefits as well. Some people have the tendency to suppress their negative feelings and put up a smiling face in public. This approach seems fine in theory, but it would leave you scarred deep inside. With flooding stress hormones, you will be pushed further down on the emotional front. So, don’tallow negative beliefs and exaggerated fears to vanquish you. Talking to a loved one is the best therapy that would brighten up your life.



September 14, 2019 8:47 am