Vacancy for Electrical Engineer

QAR 20,000

With 10 years and a half of progressive and vast experience in building project constructions in the field of fire and gas & fire alarm detection system, oil & gas turnarounds & instrumentation works, telecommunication solutions and electrical engineering discipline works as well. Involved and been engaged on services in the form of consultations, investigations, designing, preparation of plans, specifications, estimates, erection, installation and supervision of electrical works, instrumentation and telecommunication works as well as fire detection and alarm systems including the inspection and acceptance of materials utilized in each line of working disciplines. Familiar with KAHRAMAA, QCS, NFPA, and other relevant Qatar project requirements. Carrying-out duties related to preparation and issue of engineering deliverables for project implementation as Project Engineer/Project Site Engineer/Project Site Supervisor. Experienced Onshore and Offshore (Dolphin Energy Platform 1 & 2) related works. Construction of Railway Operation System (Doha Metro Project) Elevated and Underground (Tunnel) Train Stations.

Aside from doing documentation works, I have been engaged in doing actual installation jobs on Project Sites such as building of marshalling cabinets wirings (electrical, instrumentation & control, FDAS etc.), installation of circuit breakers, circuit protection overload relays, contactors, demolition works of electrical control wirings & reconnection, installation & commissioning of PLC (racks, chassis, I/O analog/digital component hardware’s, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet/IP, non- redundant/redundant configuration), wiring modification installation works, interpret and evaluate layouts/drawings handed-over by OEM for electrical and control wirings. Can handle ELV and EHV electrical installation works.

Facilitating electromechanical maintenance works and turnarounds within agricultural farms such as HVAC’s, Chillers, Condensers, FCU’s, Heaters, Water Irrigation and Variety of Mechanical Pumps, Variety of Motors, Electrical Facility Installation works etc. Handling bulk facility jobs on construction firms (buildings, high-rise buildings) and some factories & warehouses if they need any requirements for facility maintenance. Conducting preventive and predictive maintenance works to monitor the performance and condition of equipment/system to detect/trend degradation such as vibration monitoring, thermographic inspection, oil analysis, visual inspection, shock pulse, ultrasonic leak detector, electrical insulation (megger test, surge comparison), performance testing, wear and dimensional performance, signature analysis, time and frequency domain and non-destructive testing (ultrasonic, borescope inspections and eddy current).

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May 16, 2019 11:06 am

433 days, 8 hours

Additional Info

First NameJARED
Last NameFORTU
EducationUniversity Degree
Field of StudyBachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
College or UniversityRizal Technological University - Philippines
Time Period5 Years
Job TitleElectrical Engineer

Work Experience

Energy Team Department
West Bay, P.O. Box 24873, Doha - Qatar Duration: July 28, 2017 – March 31, 2019 Designation: Sr. Installation Coordinator

Responsibilities and Duties:
• Rendering a high standard level of work quality, high integrity and professional workmanship in delivering energy installation works from material dispatch, proper delivery, installation of energy equipment’s and Pre & Final Commissioning, Integration and Energization works in completion of the railway project.
• Coordination to Site Engineers at site and Client’s Inspectors/Engineers (Qatar Rail) in resolving non-conformance construction issues/reports.
• Attending compliance check and site inspections as per electrical installation requirements such as wall penetrations for electrical cable containment (LV and Control cables, MV cables, LAN and Patch Cord cables, Tunnel Ventilation System cables and other subsystem cables).
• Coordination between subcontractor and third parties for the proper installation of electrical equipments and battery bank installations used for SPS Rooms (Station Power Supply). Electrical equipments such as MV Switchgears, Auxiliary Transformers (2500kVA), Local Control Panels with Interface Terminal Boards, 415/240V LV Switchboards, UPS Panel (250kVA) and UPS DB’s, AC Distribution Boards, Battery Charger with DC Distribution Boards, Optical Terminal Boxes, Battery Breaker Boxes and Battery Fuse Boxes. In addition, implementation for proper installation of electrical equipments for TPS Rooms (Traction Power Supply/Bulk Power Supply) such as MV Switchgears, Auxiliary Transformer (33kV/415V) (50KVA), Rectifier Transformers (2700kVA), Inverter Transformer (2770kVA), Rectifier Panels (2500kW), DC 750 Switchgear, Negative Feeder Panel, DC 750V isolator Panel (Positive), Inverter Panel (2000kW), OVPD Panel, 415/240V LV Switchboard, TPS Battery Charger, AC Distribution Boards, Optical Terminal Boxes, Local control
Panel with Interface Terminal Boards and BLS Control Panels.
• Installation of such equipments as per updated and revised installation drawings from Design Team.
• Assist in the review of electrical plot plans on construction site; organize the issuance of engineering drawings and technical documents for Inter-Discipline Checks (IDC’s) coordinate with other engineering discipline in the integration of technical data inputs. Assist the design team for the deviations, changes from cable routing, equipment installation layouts as per the site conditions.
• Rendering updated and latest cable schedule lists for the proper cable pulling works on site executed by the Third Party. Proper dressing arrangement of cables as per phase sequences on the cable ladder for the incomers of MV Switchgear and Auxiliary Transformers in line with the interconnection and termination works.
• Supervision and managing on-site contractor's installation team (around 100-150 workers) for cable containment works, cable pulling works, and termination works.
• Implementation of field instructions to Subcontractors given by design team related to new and deviated installation on site.
• Perform related duties and can work under pressure in completion of the project without any delays.
• Resolving & Closing out contractors and client’s punch list/snag lists.
• Provide daily reports to Construction Manager and Construction Engineer for the daily outputs/activities of the Third Party. Intensive and progressive reporting in terms of daily manpower loading activities, day-to-day percentage against milestone schedules and long lead activities.
• Daily correspondence and coordination to other related working disciplines and subordinates. Engineers, designer, Construction Engineers & Construction Managers, Station Managers, Interface Managers as well as Testing and Commissioning Team. Coordination with PSD Team, Signaling Team, Energy Team, and Construction Teams.
• Conduct site surveys, attending control room and weekly meetings and write technical recommendations for the issues faced @ sites.
• Have a technical experience and knowledge in railway project (Overhead, Elevated and Tunnel Trains).

Engineering Department
The Gate Salam, West Bay, P.O. Box 22084, Doha, Qatar
Duration: June 19, 2011 – July 31, 2017
Designation: Sr. Electrical Engineer

Responsibilities and Duties:
• Preparing EPIC documents for bidding purposes.
• Preparation of documents for work schedules, man-hour estimates, equipment specifications, method of statements, cost estimates, quotations & bill of quantities for tendering and proposals.
• Assist in the preparation of the Technical Document Register (TDR), identify requirements and scope of work; review specifications and Data Sheets, Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s), Plot plans, General Arrangement (GA) drawings, Review Philosophies, Area Classification Drawings and other relevant documents
• Prepare the design basis, single line-diagrams, equipment and cable sizing calculations and other material and equipment analysis for client approval. Prepare Carry Out short circuit load flow, voltage dips and transient stability studies. Perform design calculations for earthing, lightning protection, lighting, relay settings etc.
• Assist in the organization and guidance of designers in the preparation of equipment and material specifications and data sheets, administer the development of detailed engineering calculations and drawings including the preparation of load list/schedules Single Line Diagrams, Schematic Diagrams, Logic Diagrams, Cable Schedules and Cable Drum Schedules, Interconnection Schedules, Hazardous Area Classification, Equipment Lay-outs, Cable Routing and Lay-out Drawings, Cable Trench/Tray Lay-out Drawings, Lighting System Lay-out and Details, Earthing/Lighting System Lay-out and Details, Heat Tracing Lay-out and Details, Installation Standard Drawings, Relay Coordination Drawings and other required documents.
• Prepare technical inquiry requests (Inquiry Requisitions) to vendors; participate in the technical evaluation of vendor bid offers. Perform Technical Bid Evaluations (TBE), review vendor drawings and documents. Ensure vendor equipment specifications meet with client equipment specifications and are within budgeted costs.
• Assist in the review of plot plans; organize the issuance of engineering drawings and technical documents for Inter-Discipline Checks (IDC’s) coordinate with other engineering discipline in the integration of technical data inputs.
• Prepare Purchase Requisitions for the procurement of equipment and materials. Ensure materials are obtain within scheduled timeframes and budgeted costs.
• Perform related duties as and when directed by Direct Supervisor.
• Resolving & Closing out contractors and client’s punch list
• Coordination to Engineers at site and Client’s Inspectors/Engineers in resolving non-conformance issues/reports.
• Knowledge in LT switchgear, lighting and socket outlet, transformer, HT system, low voltage system, power distribution and LV main Feeder.
• Review & assessment of construction & pre-commissioning report and issuance of construction completion certificate prior to commissioning activities.
• Responsible for engineering activities, electrical, instrumentation, fire alarm and detection systems, fire and gas systems.
• Supervision for Maintenance activities of Instrumentation field devices as well as control systems. Also, Fire Detection & Alarm, Fire & Gas Detection systems.
• Electrical Engineering related task, which includes Data Sheets, Specifications, and construction drawings.
• Supervision of Shop and Field Calibrations of measuring devices and final control elements.
• Conduct site surveys and write technical recommendations & attending KOM’s.
• Developing and Organizing Construction and Commissioning Team for Electrical & Instrumentation.
• Reviewing Contractors commissioning plans and procedures.
• Managing on-site contractor's commissioning team.
• Provide Commissioning Status Reports.
• Commissioning of Control Systems (DCS, PLC’s) as well as field measurement and control devices.
• Preparation of Quality Control documents such as procedures, ITP's, Method statements etc.
• Quality Control and Quality Assurance (Field Inspection and Approval)
• Responsible for Field Engineering Activities such as plant modifications, on-site design changes in construction.
• Responsible for Tendering & Estimation (Electrical & Instrumentation Part).
• Involved in Procurement activities like spec. preparations, obtain quotes, TBE & CBE, and material inspection.
• Familiar with International Codes and Standards such as ANSI, ISO, ISA, NEC, IEC.
• Excellent Computer skills in MS Office packages which includes Excel, Word, Power Point, MS Office Project, etc.
• Working knowledge in AUTOCAD 2012.
• Basic knowledge in Primavera P3 & P6 Project Scheduling.
• Knowledge of using Fiber Optic (Arc Fusion Splicing View 3 - INNO)

Major Projects and Proposals:

 Installation of Pulse Transmitters for the Existing Water Metering System @ WOQOD Ras Laffan Port – Qatar
• Project Engineer – installing of pulse transmitters to the existing water metering system at WOQOD Facility Ras Laffan for the 12 Nos. of Berths within the Port Area. Cabling of transmitter signal cable approximately 1.5 kms from the SCADA Control Room. Each berths installed with pulse transmitter to provide reliable and accurate reading of water consumption in everyday basis.

 Replacement of CO2 Extinguishing Systems with Inergen Gas (FMP 758) – Dolphin Offshore Qatar.
• Project Engineer – replacing CO2 with Inergen Gas as Extinguishing System in DOL1 & DOL2 Offshore Platforms. Manage, monitor, supervision, implementation and installation of required equipment to the completion of the system. Modification of piping works as per ANSI/ASME Standards of gas systems within Dolphin Facility-Offshore.

 Upgradation of Fuel Gas Compressor Control Panels (SIEMENS – S7ET200M) in Qatargas - QG1 Train 1, Train 2 and Train 3.
• Project Engineer – removal of old fuel gas compressor panel (DEMAG Mannesmann) and replaced the new SIEMENS panel. Termination of all field instrument cables such as differential & pressure transmitters, flow meters, level switches, vibration devices, temperature sensors, axial displacement of compressor bull gears, probe failure alarms and limit switches. Wiring of CCC’s through anti-surge controllers, redundant control selectors and backups.

 Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Emergency Warning System and Public Addressing System @ Qatar Steel Premises.
• Project Site Engineer/Supervisor – starting from design of EWS & PA system, mobilization, implementation stage, installation, testing and commissioning works including 1 (one) year service maintenance.
• Supervision of installation and of FOC (Fiber Optic Cable) & Driver Siren Cables throughout Qatar Steel Plant utilizing existing cable pit/manholes, pipe racks, trenches, culvert and cable trays including all the splicing points and additional installation of GI Pipes.

 FEED for CCTV and Intruder System Installation @ Q-Chem
• Rendered Front – End Engineering Design for CCTV and Intruder System with all the best & effective approach for the resources and equipment to be utilize in a harsh and extreme environment of Qatar Chemical.
• Assist, review and investigate possible consequences that might occur during the design and of course anticipating ahead the possibility issues during the installation works.
• Project-in-Charge for the Project: PLC Wiring - Carbon-Paste Plant, Supply and Installation of Pressure Transmitters and Temperature Transmitters – Anode Rodding Plant and Qatalum HVAC Demolition and Installation Job (Migration from SIEMENS to ALLEN BRADLEY) and Design, Supply & Installation of Emergency Panic Buttons at Service Building Qatalum Project Messaieed City, Qatar
• Team member for the Project: “Condition Monitoring Supply and Support Installation for Monitoring of Vibration Control. Qatar Cool Plant 2 Westbay Diplomatic Area Doha, Qatar
• Troubleshooting and preventive maintenance for PLC System to Islamic Museum of Qatar and Waste Management Plant NCC Messaieed City, Qatar

System Engineering Department Quezon City, Philippines
Duration: October 28, 2009 – February 15, 2011
Designation: Technician/Project-In-Charge/Staff Engineer

Responsibilities and Duties:
• Installation of Fire Detection Alarm Systems such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire level indicator annunciations and manual pull stations, CCTV cameras, intercom, public address and voice alarm, security systems etc.
• Programming, troubleshooting, termination, testing, commissioning and interfacing of FDAS for pressurization fans and elevators, flow switches and tamper switches for fire protection sprinklers, jockey pumps and fire pumps.

• Knowledgeable in executing programming & configuration on Cooper Fire Alarm Systems Panels Analogue/Addressable/Conventional such as DF3000, DF6000, CF1000 & 1200, CF3000, Firedex FX2200 & FX2201 Conventional Fire Alarm Panels.
• Expertise and have a vast experience in installation, testing, commissioning & programming of Cooper-Menvier Addressable/Conventional Fire Alarm Systems.
• Very familiar with Cooper- Menvier Fire System Devices and accessories such as Addressable/Conventional Control Panels, Sensors, Standard Base, Sounder Base, Sounder Beacon Base, Remote Indicator, Reflective Beam Detectors, Call Points, Wall Sounders, LED Beacons, Standard and Micro Interfaces, BMS and Networking Interfaces, Ancillaries, System Software Tools, Test Equipments, Repeater Panels, Bell, Low Profile Surface Sounders, High Output Wall Sounder, Low Profile Xenon Beacons, Xenon Sounder Beacons, Door Retainers and Public Address and Voice Alarm.
• Knowledge in troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and networking interfaces through such various systems: Interfacing to flow switches & tamper switches, pressurization fans, and elevator shutdown during evacuation, jockey pumps & fire pumps.

Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines Duration: October 7, 2008 – March 31, 2009 Designation: Engineer/Field Engineer

Responsibilities and Duties:
• Assigned to check Service Identification Number and Transformer Location Number proper connectivity of electric meters to transformers.
• Conducting Elevated Meter Center (EMC) field survey on Meralco posts if the meter number of a customer are connected to its proper or right transformers.
• Performing surveys on idle transformers to update activation status on Meralco’s Operating Trouble Maintenance System (OTMS).
• Getting transformer voltages and amperes intensity for future useful purposes.
• Executing electrical study reports & electrical calculations based on the field survey of distribution power system for voltage and current transformers.
• Gathering datasheets & specification reviews for data loggers brought by sub-contractor after field survey.
• Implementation, investigation and consultation of electrical system design for community distribution purposes based upon electrical calculation of transformers.

Company: TOP-5 Auxilliary System Installation and Services
Pasay City, Philippines
Duration: February 24, 2008 – July 2008
Designation: Training Engineer/Design and Application Engineer

Responsibilities and Duties:
• Receives allocated duties and studies Scope of Work to understand what is required. Interfaces with other disciplines to ensure integration of activities.
• Prepares specifications, datasheets and undertakes calculations to meet requirements allocated tasks.
• Coordinates with the drafting office coordinator for the checking and issuing of drawings.
• Prepares PR, including the Bill of Materials; specifications, datasheets/drawings; inspection test requirements; and vendor data requirements for review by Senior Engineer.
• Undertakes technical evaluations of vendor offers for less complex items to ensure PR’s technical details are satisfied.
• Undertakes pre-engineering site surveys in order to provide input information to facilitate detailed engineering.
• Reports on work progress, bringing to notice potential problems or delays and recommends solutions.
• Prepares man-hour estimates for engineering deliverables at the estimation stage, for consideration in the development of the final bid.

• Supervises the preparation of material take-offs for engineering procurement and construction (EPIC) projects.
• Electrical Work/Cooling Tower/Lightning Protection Installation.
• Industrial wiring/Installation of Fire Suppression System.
• Burglar Alarm System, Traffic Management System, CCTV Surveillance Cameras and Fire Detection and Alarm System Installation.
• Facilitate, review, check and designing electrical power system for electrical discipline projects.
• Working & preparing documents for electrical study reports, electrical calculations, bill of quantities, cost estimates, work schedules, man-hour estimates, pricing and purchasing of electrical materials and deliverables.
• Started as electrician and promoted as a design & application engineer.
• Meeting with other bidders to promote company profiles and strategic plans.
• Attending as staff representative of the company in every kick-off meeting for awarded projects.
• Facilitating electromechanical maintenance works and turnarounds within agricultural farms such as HVAC’s, Chillers, Condensers, FCU’s, Heaters, Water Irrigation and Variety of Mechanical Pumps, Electrical Facility Installation works etc.
• Handling bulk facility jobs on construction firms (buildings, high-rise buildings) and some factories & warehouses if they need any requirements for facility maintenance as well.
• Creating and developing a complete facility system scheme and managing office & on-site installation team that will complete the process of the entire project.
• Can work under work pressure without any delays on the schedule handed-over by my Superior.
• Flexible to work in one place to another in order to gain objectives that are more progressive at the end of the day.
• Creating reports everyday about the achievements and accomplishments of works on each assigned projects or disciplines.
• Creating effective planned preventive maintenance program for all facilities, which includes electro-mechanical installations, buildings and all other physical assets and equipment of the company.

Company: Solid Plastics Laguna Corporation Duration: August 2006 – March 2007 Designation: Technician

Responsibilities and Duties:
• Assigned to check the real capacity, quality and internal conditions of all kinds of newly released electrical appliances about ISO standards.
• Basic tests are as follows: vibration test, short circuit test, flame test, flexibility and durability test, surge test, and temperature monitoring compliance tests.