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QAR 7,500

I received my degree from Angeles University Foundation BSBA Major In Management. I have over 12 years & 10 mos experience in the line of Administration, Marketing and Sales. I am currently working in Commercial Bank as TeleSales Agent. My responsibilities include making marketing calls to our different customers, offering our different Card product services and other Services while meeting the policies set by the Bank.

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January 8, 2019 9:49 am

305 days, 7 hours

Additional Info

First NameRaymond Justin Tupino
Last NameFalses
EducationBSBA Management
Field of StudyMajor in Management
College or UniversityAngeles University Foundation
Time Period2001 to 2005
Job TitleTele Sales Agent

Work Experience

February 1, 2016 – Present

Vehicle, Personal Loans, and Credit Cards Tele Sales Agent

• Influences customers to buy or retain product or service by following a prepared script to give product reference information.
• Documents transactions by completing forms and record logs.
• Maintains database by entering, verifying, and backing up data.
• Maintains operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes.
• Maintains quality service by following organization standards.
• Maintains technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing publications.
• Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

October 13, 2014 – January 20, 2016

Account Officer - Autoloans

• Responsible for generating business from existing and prospect accounts and cross sells Bank products and services.
• Coordinate with Credit Evaluators and evaluate all submitted Autoloan applications and recommend for approval.
• Manage all communication with new and existing clients.
• Analyze potential clients and businesses and account for hazards and risk.
• Administer all accounting functions for acquisition and integration of Autoloan processes.
• Maintain records of all data and evaluate it to recommend product improvements.
• Work with branches and client relations of organization and participate in various meetings for all potential applicants.
• Develop and establish all Autoloan policies for the bank.
• Coordinate with internal and external legal advisors and senior bank personnel.

September 28, 2012 – October 5, 2014

Auto Loans / Personal Loans - Marketing Specialist

• Keeping maintenance operations running smoothly and efficiently.
• To market the auto loan product of the bank to clients (external and internal) and bank depositors, to meet the required monthly production with clients who pass the credit criteria of the bank.
• Solicits accounts from various sales agents.
• Prepares quotations and requests for interested vehicle loan applicants.
• Evaluates received vehicle loan applications and process it for Credit Investigation.
• Performs analysis on Credit Investigation reports and other submitted pertinent requirements to determine the capacity to pay and qualifications of subject borrowers.
• Recommends for approval and policy exceptions/deviations if any.
• Ensures completeness and accuracy of all required documents for Vehicle Loan in accordance with the Loan Documentation Checklist.
• Prepares Purchase Orders and Authority to Deliver the unit. Submits through fax the Purchase Order (P.O.) to the dealer for unit release.
• Confirms with the dealer the details of Purchase Order before release of the unit.
• Prepares the various Auto Loan Documents to be signed by client/s.
• Prepares the Bills Payment Slip covering the various bank charges.
• Upon completion of dealer’s docs and loan docs submitted, prepares the account for booking.
• Monitors the account/s after booking.
• Monitors any pending requirement/s from Clients/Dealers until it is submitted.
• Conducts Product Briefings and Seminars to Branches and prospective clients.
• Assists in insurance renewal monitoring.
• Assists Collection Department in monitoring past due accounts.
• Assists PDC Custodian in collection of additional PDCs.
• Assists personally to Borrower’s signing of loan documents.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Primer Group Of Companies
October 25, 2010 – September 20, 2012

Store Supervisor / Manager

• Keeping maintenance operations running smoothly and efficiently.
• Promoting teamwork.
• Maintaining discipline.
• Keeping morale high.
• Getting the right person on the job on at the right time.
• Maintaining the quality and the quantity of work.
• Checking and inspecting jobs and personnel.
• Preventing accidents and controlling hazards.
• Using and storing materials economically.
• Maintaining good housekeeping on the job.
• Keeping records and preparing reports.
• Planning and scheduling work.
• Training personnel.
• Procuring the supplies and equipment to perform the work.
• Inspecting, caring for, and preserving equipment.
• Giving orders and directions.
• Maintaining liaison with other units, departments, and divisions.

Stotsenberg Leisure Park & Hotel / BNS Hostelier Manpower Corp.
May 1, 2010 – July 1, 2010

Marketing Executive

• Analysing and investigating price, demand and competition
• Devising and presenting ideas and strategie promotional activities
• Compiling and distributing financial and statistical information
• Writing reports
• Organising events and product exhibitions
• Monitoring performance
• Managing campaigns on social media.

September 23, 2009 – March 30, 2010

Store Supervisor / Manager

• Managing, supervising and directing.
• Checking of reports and revisions.
• Making sure the reports are passed on time.
• Cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene both for the store and personnel. (Store supervisor can delegate personnel to clean an area or by discretion of the store supervisor).
• Delegation of duties to be performed.
• Making sure personnel would report on schedule and on time.
• Solely making of work schedule.
• Quick on spot inspection and auditing of all documents regarding store safety, inventory and store interests etc. (generally for whole store well-being).
• Assist customers if situation would ask for it or by store supervisor’s discretion.
• Signing and approval of dtrs, pcfs or any documents pertaining to the store and under the jurisdiction of the store supervisor.
• Checking of stocks on hand if in need of replenishment.

June 1, 2006 – September 22, 2009

Service Adviser
• Identifies repeat customers and treats them accordingly
• Contacts customers to remind them of service appointments and / or when scheduled maintenance is due.
• Answers incoming telephone calls promptly, courteously, and makes every effort to satisfy the caller’s inquiry.
• Document repair order changes.
• Eliminates surprises for customer by reviewing service repairs and their associated charges to ensure accuracy.
• Promptly addresses and resolves customer viewpoint and service follow-up issues.
• Builds productive working relationships with fellow employees through clear communications.
• Fosters open communication through active listening.
• Asks relevant questions regarding repair or service request to ensure proper servicing of vehicle.
• Maintain open communications with technical staff regarding job status changes.
• Assists customers in identifying problems concerns so that proper service and maintenance can be specified.
• Follows up with customers to ensure they are satisfied with service.
• Promotes cooperation and teamwork among technicians and support staff.
• Assists other Service Advisers when needed.
• Effectively handles and implements changes in Service Department.
• Shifts priorities and goals as work demands change.
• Ensures that work is completed on time and as requested.
• Explains the need for additional or unanticipated services and associated cost to the customer.
• Acts quickly to implement plans” organizes work efficiently: follows up to ensure successful implementation.
• Monitors workload (and if appropriate schedule workload) to determine amount of work that can be accommodated in Service Department (e.g. flat rate hours available to sell, shop capacity, services in customer demand, etc.)
• Identifies and supports opportunities for methods/process improvement (e.g. tracking drive fill rates, monitoring part delays, and parts availability scores).
• Maintains an effective appointment system to verify customer problems, recommend/sell additional services, and property and accurately communicate customer concerns.
• Maintains and updates customer records and files.
• Identifies ways to improve operations and customer service.
• Makes policy adjustments within the guidelines and budgets established by management.
• Utilizes basic technical knowledge to develop potential cause of problems.
• Provides additional vehicle information to technicians as needed.
• Explains technical information about repairs to customers.
• Suggests additional services that Service Department offers.
• When necessary, assigns a particular Technician to work on a car.
• Uses computer systems to look up customer’s service history, schedule appointments, enter repair order information and manage information.
• Follows up to resolve and communicate resolution of customer concerns to local market Customer Satisfaction organization.
• Makes certain that time ticket information is complete and accurate so that Technician productivity can be monitored, customer delays eliminated, an repair services reconciled.
• Follows all Service Department policies and procedures.
• Maintains an awareness of all complies with safety regulations and hazardous waste disposal.
• Makes warranty and billing adjustments.
• References existing manuals, publications, and other written documents to obtain needed information.

October 24th, 2005 –April 24, 2006

• Provided support to Member, ensuring all sales and service objectives were met.
• Responsible for customer service in issuing credits, duties included answering customer queries, problem solving and providing detailed information on new products.
• Worked with new customers in the development of new accounts, account actions (Re-set Passwords, Account Security Questions etc.) and the implementation of new systems.
• Assisted in the development of new policies and procedures.
• Assisted in the referring the Member with a specific concern to the appropriate Department.
• Performed market research surveys on customer needs and requirements.



• Perform inspection of Insurable property.
• Prepared weekly sales reports for the sales team and sales management.
• Generated repeat business through successful client follow-up.
• Inspections of risks and hazards.