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First NameSarah May
Last NameAvila
EducationBachelor of Science in Chemistry
Field of StudyChemistry
Time Period1999 - 2003
College or UniversityPolytechnic University of the Philippines- Main
Job TitleChemist

Work Experience

As Chemist:
• Prepares specimen for analysis.
• Maintains the Chain of Custody, reviews CCF and pertinent documents / records for completeness and accuracy.
• Examine, process and analyze specimen for confirmatory drug testing.
• Interpret, record, release and sign-out laboratory results.
• Assist in the implementation of Quality Assurance Program.
• Order chemicals, supplies, and equipment to the suppliers.
• Rejects specimen as needed.
• Provide expert witness testimony as the need arises.
• Assist during challenge test.
• Review all incoming and outgoing requisition and reports for drug testing.
• Responsible for defending the confirmatory test result on Court of Law.
• Assigned to explain result or handle complaints.
• Prepare all needed reagents, glassware and equipment.
• Assist in the evaluation of reagents, supplies and equipment.
• Retrieve, encode, print and release results in the IDTOMIS system.
• Act as representative to the challenge testing at NRL or other CDTL chosen by the client.
• Responsible for proper handling of hazardous waste.
• Responsible for proper handling of chemicals.
• Maintain and operate GC-MS in confirmatory drug testing analysis.
• Update Standard Operating Procedure Manual, MSDS, Work Instruction Manual and LEIM.

As Pollution Control Officer:
• Ensure compliance with the requirements of PD 1586, RA 6969, RA 8749, RA 9003, RA 9275, their respective implementing rules and regulations, and other pertinent rules and regulations.
• Attend to all permitting and registration requirements of the establishment prior to the construction, installation, or operation of pollution sources and control facilities.
• Ensure the proper performance, operation, and maintenance of environmental management facilities or systems of the establishment such as Air pollution control devices, hazardous waste management storage areas.
• Solid waste segregation.
• Ensure that the hazardous wastes disposed offsite are covered by a Permit to transport, Manifest Form, and with Certificate of Treatment duly signed by the corresponding signatories.
• Monitor activities pertaining to the installation of pollution source and maintenance of pollution control facilities to ensure compliance to DENR regulations.
• Quarterly submission of SMR to DENR.
• Other activities regarding environmental protection.

As Analyst:
• Ensures that the standard set specifications are being met to attain good quality product.
• Performs physical and chemical analyses of raw materials, in-process, finished product and evaluate them as to specified frequency of checking.
• Assist in the implementation of Quality Assurance Program.
• Order chemicals, supplies, and equipment to the suppliers.
• Analyzes potential problem and determine possible cause of defects and make necessary recommendation.
• Monitors and re-validate raw material stocks and finished goods.
• Performs microbiological analysis.
• Monitors in-process quality checks and help in production quality troubleshooting.
• Checks, supports and coordinates with production regarding sanitation condition of the plant.
• Conduct Internal Audit.
• Performs other tasks assigned by his/her superiors.

Hired as Chemist that is responsible for preparing, examining, interpreting & monitoring of the physical & chemical analyses of all incoming urine specimen subjected for confirmatory drug testing; accepting & releasing of confirmatory drug test result through IDTOMIS system and give recommendation on urine specimen’s disposition;

As PCO that is responsible for the compliance with the requirements of PD 1586, RA 6969, RA8749, RA 9003, RA 9275, their respective IRRs and other pertinent rules and regulation regarding environmental protection;

Hired as Quality Assurance Analyst that is responsible for checking the
Physical, chemical and microbiological analyses of all incoming raw and packaging material, In-process and finished products; conducts warehouse and line inspection And give recommendation on proper material disposition. Monitors in-Line process and packaging activities; help in implementation of QA Related activities.

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