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Last NameBABY
Time Period2009-2013
College or UniversityUNIVERSITY OF KERALA

Work Experience

GREEN TECH ENGINEERING WLL QATAR as Maintenance Engineer (6/10/2015- Present)
Green Tech engineering WLL is a well-established electromechanical contracting and facilities management
company in Qatar which undertakes projects on HVAC, MEP and facilities management. I am working as engineer
of MEP projects and maintenance, managing overall work requirements. Under taking medium and large projects I
was able to discover and learn the basics to extremes of air conditioning and managing the facilities of a building.
In a short period of time I was able to work on variety of projects in different areas of the country. As a
Maintenance engineer my responsibilities in this company included,
• Providing technical and engineering assistance.
• Maintaining air conditioning equipment, exhaust and supply fan, kitchen hoods and other installations
• Proposing preventive maintenance options to the client. (exhaust duct degreasing, gas and air filter
changing, chiller tube cleaning etc.)
• Keeping logs and records of machine repairs and replacements.
• Deployment of technicians as per the demands of different maintenance site.
• Keeping logs of inventory and purchasing it in case of need.
• Communicating with the suppliers and negotiating the price before purchases.
• Explaining the client about the situation in case of any failure in machines.
• Overseeing the periodical maintenance of equipment and cross checking the performance.
• Estimation of the maintenance works and preparation of commercial and technical offers.
• Ensuring safety standards at work site and following the installations as per the Qatar standards and
• Material selection and taking approval from the consultants and client
• Monitoring the financial graph of the project expenditure.
• Reporting to the Maintenance in charge of the client and attending weekly/periodical meetings.
• Quality assurance and quality control of installations.
• Testing, adjusting & balancing of the installed systems
• Making as built drawings
Some of the major maintenance sites and projects in which I had the chance to be a part includes
• Modern central laundry, Maintenance of A.C systems under AMC.
• Orient Plastic factory, Maintenance of A.C systems under AMC.
• Hepworth pipes factory, Maintenance of A.C. systems under AMC.
• KIA motors and associated accommodations, Maintenance of MEP systems under AMC.
• Gulf times, Maintenance of MEP systems under AMC.
• College of North Atlantic Qatar, Preventive maintenance of ducts under contract.
• KBAS Bungalow, Maintenance of MEP systems under AMC.
• Sharq village and spa, on call maintenance and equipment supply with installation. (was in charge of FAHU
installation for smoking room and exhaust fan installation for the kitchen).
• Ritz Carlton, on call maintenance and equipment supply with installation.
• Pearl Qatar flats, on call maintenance and equipment supply with installation.
• Private villas and flats all across Qatar under on call maintenance.

Cadeosys Engineering Consultants as MEP Engineer (4/6/2015 – 18/09/2015)
Cadeosys is a pioneer firm in engineering design sector which undertake the designing in MEP (plumbing,
drainage, fire-fighting), HVAC (Chilled water piping & duct design), structural and constructional fields. Working as
a MEP design engineer helped me to deeply understand the design parameters and standards and also interpret
engineering drawings. Designing according to the conditions of the site and need of the client requires a deep skill
in HVAC and MEP engineering, planning, estimation etc. My responsibilities on working there as a design engineer
• Making site visits and designing of MEP systems
• Plan layout of project and integrate engineering elements into unified design for client’s review and
• Develop drawings.
• Use computer assisted design software and equipment to prepare project designs and plans.
• Co-ordinate with designers regarding to the design clarifications.
• Updating with the site for any changes or add ons.
• Making as built drawings.
• Proposing maintenance and installation techniques.

EKC Mechanical Engineers (Cochin Shipyard Limited) as Repair and maintenance Engineer (7/06/2013 -
Worked for a period of 1 year 9 months as Mechanical projects/site supervising engineer (in EKC Marine
& Mechanical Engineering Contractors) in Cochin Shipyard Limited and undertook the responsibility of; supervision
in MEP works (Firefighting, plumbing, drainage and Chilled water piping) pipe fabrication and erection as per
drawing, Boiler repairs, Economizer maintenance, Heat exchanger overhauling, overhauling of various types of
pumps and valves related to MEP system; proper deployment of manpower and ensuring safety of works at site. By
working in a huge public sector company like this, I was able to discover the industrial atmosphere, discipline on
work, proper planning and timely completion of given work with utmost quality together with no compromise in
safety. And one of the most important things that I feel better was, as a Mechanical Engineer I was able to study
workshop technology and manufacturing processes more closely on the course of work and I had the chance to deal
with various sectors of mechanical engineering. My responsibilities in the course of work included:
• Repair and maintenance of MEP and HVAC systems according to contract.
• Taking quantitative survey of materials for procurement.
• Keeping documents and making submittals.
• Maintaining maintenance log and repair details.
• Communicating and conveying work status and maintenance proposals to client.
• Allocation of man power according to skill and schedule
• Communicating with the client and main contractor.
• Keeping record of every day works.
• Overhauling of mechanical parts related to MEP systems.
• Testing and balancing of systems.

Working as Mechanical Engineer in building services sector with an overall experience of 6 years.
• B. TECH degree in Mechanical Engineering from PRS College of Engineering and Technology, Trivandrum
(University of Kerala)2013.
• Professional training in MEP & HVAC from ACE INDIA Training and consultant services.
• Diploma in Product Design & Analysis from Cadd center.

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