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My name is Reza Soleimani.
I always inspired by the challenge of finding solutions for issues & drive various of KPI`s
within EPCM projects & manufacturing plants Operation; those ones that keep our stakeholders
up at night.
I am able to help teams, implementing Quality Assurance techniques & bringing Continuous
Improvement Methodologies forward, to achieve our timely & monetary objectives & meet
stakeholders & clients expectations.
My specialties built up, with divers roles in executing , supervising & coordinating tasks,
motivating individuals & gaining tangible outcomes within Engineering, Fabrication, Installation,
Pre commissioning & Operation of the summarized 2 scope of works:
1)Heavy Industries Infrastructures:
• Petrochemical plants & Gas treatment processing units
• Hydrocarbon & water transmission pipelines & networks
• Inspection & testing within Pressure piping & Equipment
• Atmospheric storage tanks & on site bulk Product silos
• Steel Structure
• Ship building & repair
• Offshore infrastructure & marine operation
2) Food & Beverages Facilities(FMCG):
• Plastic CCM & HDPE Extrusion manufacturing
• Polyethylene Spring Water Bottling & CSD
• Packaging
• Optimization & Automation
• DATA Analysis
I always strive & enjoy to get on board to add value to the services & products by optimizing processes in place &
minimizing wastes.

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March 7, 2019 1:32 pm

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Additional Info

Phone No+989129628731
EducationBachelor of Science
Field of StudyEngineering
College or UniversityIAU
Time Period4 years
Job TitlePMO Manager

Work Experience

Professional Milestones:
Title Project Company- Year / Location
• PMO Project Manager
• Change Order Manager Abadan Oil Refinery Upgrading & Development
(EPC Project) ODCC & SEI ;Mar.2018-present/Iran
• Project Manager Work, Health & Safety Compliance works –
plant modifications & construction (EPC project) TVN Group ; 2017 - 2018/Australia
• Manufacturing/Project Coordinator
• QA Lead Manufacturing plant Installation & commissioning
(PC projects) Asahi Group 2012 - 2017/Australia
• Field Engineer/Deputy site manager Fabrication, Installation of South pars Gas field Subsea pipelines Phases 15&16,17&18 (EPC projects) Kito Enterprises LLC 2010 – 2012 South Pars Gas Field /Iran
• QA/QC Supervisor Fabrication, Installation of South pars Gas field Subsea pipelines, production platforms, Phases 12, 13, 14, / Salman & Foruzan Oil fields (EPC projects) IOEC; Kito Enterprises 2007 - 2010 South Pars Gas Field/ Gulf region, Russia & Abu Dhabi
• QC Manager Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery debottlenecking Project/ Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning (EPC project) ODCC & IGC (JV) 2005 – 2007
• Technical Advisor Offshore Pipe laying & Jacket Installation/ Onshore facilities Piping fabrication & Installation (PC projects) Bureau Veritas 2004 - 2005/Tehran
• QC Manager Petro Chemical Plant/ Piping fabrication, Installation & Commissioning (PC project) IIND 2002 – 2004/Mahshahr
• Project Engineer South Pars gas field development- Phases 2,3,4& 5 Onshore facilities Piping fabrication, Installation ,Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning (PC projects) IGC 2000 – 2002/Assaluyeh

Education & Certification:
 Project Management Professional(PMP) Pennsylvania, USA
 Diploma of Project Management Sydney, Australia
 Diploma of Quality Management Systems Auditing Sydney, Australia
 B. Sc. In Petrochemical Engineering Arak, Iran
Professional membership:
 Professional membership; Institute of Engineers Australia; MIEAust
Leadership & Management, Chemical & Mechanical Colleges Australia
Computer Skills:
 Microsoft Office
 Microsoft Project
 SAP (ERP Software)
 MPMM professional (Project administration)
 Expert Choice (decision making software)
 Mind Genius Business 6 (Brainstorming and Think Tank Facilitator)

PMO Project Manager Abadan Oil refinery upgrading project
(EPC project) ODCC & SEI - Iran Mar.2018 – present
National Iranian Oil Engineering & Construction (NIOEC) intends to construct a complete, safe & efficient new train of refinery inside the existing Abadan Refinery. This new refinery shall process more than 200,000 BPSD of crude oil blend.
Basic design of the refinery has been performed by basic designers/licensors. According to the nature of the job, where required, modification of relevant units/facilities between the two refineries are also included in the scope of work.
Overall, this EPC project includes establishing and commissioning of more than 15 new units to fulfill the requirements of the project and satisfy various stakeholders.
The contract has been awarded to the consortium formed of Oil, Design & Construction Company (ODCC) and Sinopec Engineering Incorporation Company (SEI). Oil Design and Construction Company (ODCC) has been incorporated with the sole objective of having an active & comprehensive presence in the fields of engineering services presentation, provision, construction & installation of infrastructure and facilities, pertaining to oil, gas and petrochemical industry.
Sinopec Group is the largest oil and petrochemical products suppliers and the second largest oil and gas producer in China, the largest refining company and the second largest chemical company in the world.
Key responsibilities:
• Tracking, & communicating the progress of projects & ensuring quality in all aspects of project, initiation to completion.
• Accountable for planning the project efforts, overseeing & delivering the production of project deliverables, and obtaining the appropriate stakeholder reviews and sign-offs.
• managing stakeholder expectations, identifying integration opportunities, control project scope, execute change control procedures when necessary, plan and develop change management plan & communicating and escalating project risks & issues as appropriate.
• facilitating multiple projects at a time with varying levels of complexity.
• Achieving operational objectives by contributing information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews
• preparing & completing action plans
• implementing production, productivity, quality, & customer-service standards
• resolving problems
• completing audits
• identifying trends; determining system improvements; implementing change
• Meet financial objectives by forecasting requirements
• preparing an annual budget
• scheduling expenditures; analysing variances.
• exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.
Key achievements:
 Ensured change management communications are considered and facilitated as appropriate for each project.
 Coordinated the training needs assessment and development of training plans and materials as appropriate for the project.
 Facilitated effective cross-functional teamwork among project team members.
 Created work estimates, prepare project budgets, and track project financials.
 Facilitated project meetings, reviews, decisions, and sign-offs with stakeholders and project resources.
 Prepared project status reports and escalate critical risks and issues in a timely manner.
 Ensured project deliverables and milestones are completed on-time, within budget, and at the required level of quality.

Project Manager Work, Health & Safety Compliance works –plant modifications & construction
(EPC project) TVN Group - Australia 2017 – Apr.2018
TVN Group is an indigenous enterprise that delivers tailored Human Resource Management, Procurement, and Construction & Project Management Services; & played key roles in providing services for Commonwealth Departments, such as the Department of Defence, and leading companies, such as, Broad spectrum, Lend Lease Project Management & Construction, Mars Australia, Barclays Global Investors, Toll Logistics, Mayne Logistics and Linfox Armguard.
Key responsibilities:
• Organized work and prioritized deliverables in order to create detailed project plans and execute/maintain those plans to accomplish project objectives while driving the ability to achieve business benefits.
• Fostered productive working relationships with all project stakeholders, both business and technical team members, and effectively manage their expectations.
• Diligently managed scope throughout the project and, when necessary, execute change control procedures to formally memorialize the resulting impacts to project scope, timeline, and/or budget.
• Coordinated project benefits realization monitoring and identify mitigation strategies for delivered projects, where applicable.
• Assisted in the development and maintenance of the project management methodologies, techniques, and standards utilized by the organization.
• Elicited, document, and validate solution requirements as necessary.

Project Coordinator & QA Lead Manufacturing plant construction, Installation & commissioning
(PC projects) Asahi Group-Australia 2012 – 2017
Asahi Holding group generates its revenue from the manufacturing and distribution of soft drinks, bottled water, and ready to drink alcoholic beverages in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. I was engaged with 2 recent infrastructure upgrades in Albury facilities.
Key responsibilities:
• Closely assisted in developing project Charter, goals, objectives, scope, tasks, schedule base lines, responsibilities (RAM), and stakeholder’s communication plan.
• Completed new manufacturing plant validation by leading audit process.
• Utilized continuous improvement deployed Six Sigma, PDAC & DMAIC techniques.
• Performed scope development and justification within the economic constraints of project budgets to ensure fitness for purpose.
• Defined & measured plant quality indexes to monitor weekly KPI.
• Maintained project profitability by collaboratively creating installation arrangements.
• Defined action plans by conducting EVM analysis on project`s gates.
Key achievements:
I delivered project objectives and deliverables as below:
 Validated quality processes by establishing product specifications and quality attributes.
 Initiated interim studies on Cost, schedule deviation trend analysis for each project.
 Effectively, developed the engineering scope of work and work packages.
 Forward thinker & ability to influence subcontractors, suppliers through lead by example.
 Assisted and directed site personnel and subcontractors
 Drove Quality indexes & focused on communicating results lead to Customer satisfaction.
Also I introduced “Operational Excellency initiatives” as below:
Monitored, controlled & minimized following 8 wastes, across projects & operations:
- Excess Inventory / Over production / Over Processing /Idle Time / Bad quality
Unnecessary Transportation/ Contract obligations / Operator motion

Initiated process improvement, by implementing Continuous Improvement tools:
- PDCA (Plan, Do, Act, Check) cycle
- Kaizen
- DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) cycle
- DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) cycle
Minimized failure costs & controlled cost of Quality, by utilizing following tools & conducting learning workshops throughout project life cycle & hand over to client:
- Root cause analysis ( 5Why`s + Cause & effect diagram)
- Check sheets, work instructions & SOP`s
- Pareto diagrams
- Control charts
- Histograms
QA/QC Supervisor/ Field Engineer Fabrication, Installation of South pars Gas field development Subsea pipelines; production platforms of Phases 15&16, 17&18, 12, 13, 14, Salman-Siri & Foruzan Oil fields
(EPC projects) IOEC & Kito Enterprises-Iran- UAE & Russia 2007 – 2012
The core business of Kito is to provide marine & ship management services, focused on offshore construction & support services to the Oil & Gas industry worldwide. Also provides construction equipment & services to perform platform installations, pipe- laying, repair & maintenance support throughout the region`s dry dock.
Key responsibilities:
• Participated in preparation & coordination of marine operations e.g. Shore pull/ installations.
• Outsourced & acquisition of goods & services within varieties form of contracts to mitigate risks & maximize integrity of external deliverables stream.
• Chaired regular meetings to update resource allocation on simultaneous project`s calendars.
• Verified surveyors work according to project spec.
• Raised and eliminated any discrepancies between installation drawing & alignment sheet.
• In charge of monitoring, maintaining & updating the project QC surveillance plan.
• Responsible for monitoring and verifying the weld integrity of pipe line, Jacket & platform structure.
• Reviewed and approved of Welding, NDT, and Coating Subcontractors’ Progress & Invoices.
• Evaluated project Consumables and prediction of requirements in advance.
• Verified that all welding operation /Welders Qualification/AUT & MT Examinations /Field joint coating
Performed in accordance with the applicable codes and standards such as: DNV /API/EN/ISO
• Prepared welding procedure qualification in welding processes e.g.: SMAW, GMAW, FCAW and Brazing.

Key achievements:
 Effectively managed project funds, by applying team building skills & introducing appropriate rewards; resulted to save USD $850,000.00 in dry dock expenditure.
 Established the culture of brainstorming, to discourage premature decisions & increase involving parties commitment to come up with solutions, resulted in Re-modelling of Installation & lead to 17% decrease of project`s consumables.
 Reduction of Repair Rate in pipe line project down to 2.5%.
 Decreased the test period for WQT`s in jacket installation from 5 days to 2 days.
 Achieved new record of pipe lay; 110 joints (24”) with anchor barge AB-1200.
QC Manager Bandar Abbas Refinery debottlenecking (EPC project) ODCC & IGC (J.V.) 2005 – 2007
Oil Design and Construction Company (ODCC) having a comprehensive presence in delivering engineering, procurement, construction & management (EPCM) projects within energy industry, provides outstanding services, ranged from conceptual designs, to turnkey mega projects.
Key responsibilities:
• Took Corrective action within major plan to expedite the revamp activities.
• Executed QC plan and associated procedures in Piping/Structure/Equipment installation /electrical & instrumentation departments.
• Supervised that accurate record of all mechanical & welding … been register in relational Database.
• Prepared of PWPS`s/PQR/WQT according to ASME Sec.: IV.VIII, IX, and B31.3 &AWS D1.1.
• Reviewed and monitored all the approved documents collected to be used for final dossier and Mechanical completion certificate & ensure they meet project ITP, in advance.
• Conducted risk assessments, applying probability & impact matrix on major project`s objectives & planned risk responses.
• Monitored all base material and consumables of welding/coating/insulation meet the project requirements.
• Managed project`s interdependencies, monitoring external deliverables.
• Maintained master schedule up to date in consultation with Asset Planning & Capital Delivery teams & Prepared Project Historical Report for lessons learned log book.
Key achievements:
 Captured innovative lessons learned opportunities from value engineering and post project review workshops to use as guide lines for future projects.
 Reduction of 5.4% in cost of Quality by holding regular training program & conducting refresh courses for key personnel.
 Improved new plant processing through the effective administration of MCC books/relocating plans for existing equipment, updating drawings & manuals to match the existing plant layout.
 Facilitated workshop to smoothening Fabrication, installation, pre- commissioning activities by offering new NDT technology which led to expending hand over process to client.
 Closely worked with project control department to understand the project performance and follow the guidelines to implement approved changes to bring the project variances to their Minimum as possible.

Technical Advisor Offshore Pipe laying, Jacket & platform fabrication & Installation (EPC project) Bureau Veritas, Iran, 2004 – 2005
Bureau Veritas is providing an extensive range of technical services and innovative solutions aiming at reducing risks and improving performance.
Key responsibilities:
• Reviewed and developed topside, jacket prefabrication procedures.
• Developed and maintained manpower estimates, equipment and material delivery.
• Prepared statues reports & performance evaluations, S curves & flow diagrams.
• Developed policies & procedures to improve the adequacy & efficiency of project activities.
• Monitored, followed up identified Non-conformities in Jacket and Top side construction.
• Performed Qualification of welding procedures and welders.
• Conducted, witnessed Interpretation of Radiographs and other NDT examinations, MT, PT, UT
• Prepared daily & weekly quality control & progress Report to project management team.
QC Manager South Pars gas field development- Phases 2,3,4& 5 Onshore facilities Piping fabrication, Installation, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning (PC projects) (PC project) IIND Co. Mahshahr 2002 – 2004
Project Engineer Phases 2&3; 4& 5 South Pars gas field development (C projects) IGC Co. Iran 2000 – 2002
IIND & IGC ,are General contractors been engaged in EPCM services, devoted to carry their duties on a professional & superb workmanship for design, supply of project equipment, materials & manage construction of plants, execute the erection & commissioning of the various industrial plants in Iran.
Combined Key responsibilities (2000 to 2004):
• Evaluated piping, steel structure works volume to issue the purchase orders for consumables.
• Mobilized fabrication shop & defined the project statement of work, job descriptions for team.
• Prepared the inspection frequencies for Fabrication and installation of different type of materials Such as: Normal C.S./ Low Alloy steel /304,308L/309L/309MOL/316,317L S.S.-Titanium alloys-Hastelloy
• Trained and performed welder qualification test for working with SMAW/GTAW/GMAW processes.
• Coordinated QC inspector to participate in walk-down operation and Preparing punch lists and clearing them to release Piping or tanks test packages, using P&ID`s, historical data.
• Monitored storage Tank wall /roof/Nozzles and bottom test according to API 650 before box-up.
• Supervised all finishing steps of mechanical works such as: drying/Nitrogen test/Acid washing for pre commissioning step preparation.
• Witnessed fit up / dimension/welding tasks upon AFC drawings at prefabrication shops.
• Located required welds to be tested by RT or MT or PT and marking in the drawings.
• Recorded information relevant to heat treatment process for LTCS joints.
• Fabricated support listing and arranging in yard.
• Prepared release notes for spools to send to site for installation.
• Prepared test package punch list and follow up punch out with construction team.
• Coordinated, 600,000 m2 blasting & painting at shop & site.