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First NameFarrukh
Last NameIftikhar
EducationMaster's in Human Resource Management
Field of StudyHR
Time Period2
College or UniversityUniversity of Bedfordshire UK
Job TitleHealthcare Management, General Manager, Consultant

Work Experience

General Practice Manager Apr 2010 – May 2018
National Health Service UK
Heathfield Surgery & East Croydon Medical Centre (Primary care)

NHS Croydon Clinical Commission Group (Croydon CCG) is a membership organization made up of all 57 practices in London Borough of Croydon. Organized in six clinical networks. I worked for Heathfield Surgery & East Croydon medical centre and they are part of East Croydon network. Heathfield Surgery merged with East Croydon Medical Centre. ECMC have now a patient population of approximately 25000 patients and around 50 Staff (Clinical & Non-Clinical).


• Primary Care Healthcare Management

o Enhanced business success with annual action plans and proposed appropriate measures that incorporate best practice into agreed aims and objective with monthly, quarterly, and annual performance and progress reports
o Improved practice organization & provision of services to patients through new policies and procedures implementation and communicating such to staffs
o Acted as a change management leader. Developed and implemented effective communication systems to ensure staff can deal with ongoing changes in NHS
o Project managed and organized monthly Clinics for Diabetes, Women’s health, Smoking cessation Mental health, Cervical, Breast and Bowel screening
o Positive representation of organization in regular meetings with IT consultants, QIPP cluster meetings and end of the year QOF submissions LES Submissions (Long term conditions, Palliative care, Learning Disabilities)
o Successfully submitted audits reports on Barrett, Celiac, Ulcers, and unplanned hospital admissions. Planned and implemented necessary steps to monitor patient health in primary care and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions as per National Health Service Guidelines
o Ensured compliance with medical insurance billing policies as well as negotiation with insurance companies
o Boosted patients experience by monitoring staff activities focused on efficient services and support to doctors
o Dealt with confidential Partnership matters (e.g. contracts, accounts, performance and the Partnership Agreement)
o Managed registration with the Care Quality Commission, including advising partners and staff within the Practice on CQC requirements, arranged appropriate training for doctors and staff and ensured the practice is in a position to meet CQC requirements for general practice
o Represented practice in the (CCG) and created excellent relationship and collaborative working with other providers; primary care, secondary care and voluntary organizations
o Successfully managed and conducted patient participation group (PPG) meetings. Improved patient communication by conducting patient surveys, friend and family test and online feedback tool
o Achieved Train the Trainer Qualification and successfully trained staff on Duty of Care, Safeguarding Children, Safeguarding Adults, Dementia awareness, Person Centered Care, Mental Capacity Act & DOLS, Equality & Diversity, and Effective Communication

• HR & Training
o Managed full recruitment process including sourcing strategy; interviewing; reference checking; making offers to candidates; driving and delivering induction training
o Developed best practice HR policies and procedures, supervised their consistent implementation and application throughout the business and regularly evaluating their effectiveness.
o Re-engineered HR processes and corporate governance for better results by integrating departments and workforce needs in the restructuring HR policies and procedures
o Participated in the Performance Management process (i.e. annual evaluation process, promotion panels, Talent Management) – establish KPIs together with the group-leaders, coach the staff in view of preparing for the evaluation
o Ensured data held within the system and the HR database is up to date and accurate at all times which includes the input of new starts, leavers and changes as necessary

• Quality & Compliance Improvement Management

o Participated in the Quality& Compliance Improvement process and activities including the areas of Safety, Infection Control, Patient Education/Teaching, Documentation, and Adherence to guidelines for Cleaning/Decontamination, Sterilization of Instruments and Supplies, Patient Satisfaction, Physician Satisfaction, Compliance with CQC and other Regulatory Standards
o Managed all Quality & Compliance Improvement grant activities, including the onboarding of providers, approval of grant applications, disbursement of grant funds and/or purchase of Quality Improvement materials and curriculum on behalf of approved providers, and oversight over compliance and administration activities
o Facilitated individual realisation of organisational goals with the design of tactical training programs and professional development courses for different management levels. Being the point of contact for staff seeking advice on compliance related issues
o Provided overall management for the implementation of the quality& compliance improvement program and initiatives. Maintaining a visible presence for the compliance team across the organization.
o Provided a planned, systematic, organization-wide approach to identifying, designing, measuring, prioritizing and monitoring all quality & compliance improvement activities, including new processes and services
o Performed calendared site visits in each facility on a quarterly basis. Visits include but are not limited to mock surveys, evaluation of quality and compliance program, providing clinical updates and monitoring of facility processes to prevent outcomes. Writing reports for the management team in respect of compliance and audits issues.
o This role participated in identifying and collecting metrics, data analysis and reporting information from the data collected. Analyzes data for patterns and trends in care delivery; works on discovering root causes for specific patient care trends
o Enhanced employee’s professional growth and inputs through effective leadership, coaching, motivation and rapport with the Clinical & non-clinical staff.
o Identified and improved underperformance by using performance metric tools to appraise, review employees output while implementing CPD plans
o Exceeded set goals by evaluating future staffing and organisation’s needs and integrate them in developing potential training programmes
o Strengthened business and working relationships with directors and managers as well as consultants, training providers and suppliers to guarantee the delivery of specialist training
o Liaised and consulted with department managers and external resources to determine training requirements and ensured budgetary spending are within authorised budgets

• Emergency & Disaster Planning

o Acted as Emergency and Disaster planning officer and main point of contact for all emergency management operations
o Ensured that National and NHS Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response (EPRR) guidelines are fully implemented i.e. (EPRR) is defined by series of statutory responsibilities covered by Civil Contingencies Act 2004 which required NHS funded organizations to maintain a robust capability by planning and responding to incidents that could impact on health and services to patients
o Completed RAG rating self-assessment against the core standards as per (EPRR) frame work requirements
o Prepared and planned policies and documentation relating to (EPPR) Policy and Strategy, Major Incident Plan, Business Continuity Plan, and Pandemic Influenza Plan
o Promoted a secure work environment with the development, awareness creation, and execution of HSE management systems, processes and procedures
o Enabled uninterrupted business operations even in emergency situations via strategic advice and consultation to the organization
o Communicated and strengthened relationships with emergency services and other bodies enabling active participation in accident investigation and the implementation of corrective actions
o Minimized loss via timely response to emergency situations as a duty officer, a part of a 24-hour duty system
o Assessed and minimized potential risks to 0% including outbreaks of infections or disease, technical failure of electricity networks, major gas leaks and severe weather condition via timely identification
o Prepared contingency plans and procedures in case of events such as terrorist attack, natural disasters, wartime, and Bio chemical hazard incidents
o Conducted surveys to determine effectiveness of previous disaster response efforts. Reviewed existing disaster preparedness plans and make recommendations for updates
o Assisted lead nurses to follow appropriate infection control procedures. Ensured work areas are maintained and free from hazards
o Organized fire drill on regular intervals. Managed site log book legionella risk assessment and asbestos
o Provided training to the staff on (EPRR) procedures and action plans, Infection Control, Health & Safety, Fire Safety, COSSH, Risk assessment
o Ensured adequate cleaning, maintenance, safety, fire prevention and general security of the premises


• In Practice systems (INPS) Vision
Vision is an intelligent healthcare software that enables nimble, collaborative working across the healthcare landscape

• QMS Practice Focus
It is a software tool that is installed in Primary care organizations and provided comprehensive data analysis facilities to GP staff. It streamlines data collection from practices to CCG/commissioners including chronic disease management targets, Child immunisations, Flu & Pneumococcal, Enhanced services, (bespoke LES audits & local Qof arrangements)

• The Quality & Outcomes Frame( QOF) Database
The QOF online database contains three main components known as domains including the following:
o Clinical - The domain consists of 65 indicators across 19 clinical areas (e.g. chronic kidney disease, heart failure, hypertension) worth up to a maximum of 435 points
o Public Health - The domain consists of seven indicators (worth up to 97 points) across four clinical areas – blood pressure, cardiovascular disease – primary prevention, obesity 18+ and smoking 15+
o Public Health (Additional Services) - The domain consists of five indicators (worth up to 27 points) across two service areas – cervical screening and contraception. Each domain consists of a set of achievement measures, known as indicators, against which practices score points according to their level of achievement

• Quality Reporting Service (CQRS)
CQRS is an approval reporting and payment calculation system for GP practices. It helps practices track, monitor and declare achievement for QOF, Direct enhanced services (DES), and Vaccination and Immunisation programmes

• General Practice Extraction Service (GPES)
GPES comprises
o The GP Data collector tool to query the database
o Extraction tools (GPET-E) designed by clinical systems suppliers

• PRIMIS Diabetes Care Management System
PRIMIS Diabetes care system helps identify areas of care that practice may wish to focus on for improvements. It indicates how many patients are at target HbA1C. Dashboard also indicates how many patients are at target blood pressure control and identify patients with highest risk, i.e. those with eye, cerebrovascular or kidney damage (ECK)

• Croydon Referral Support Service database (CRESS)
CRESS is a referral management support service. It helps patients are seen in right place, first time as well as supporting GP Education and local knowledge of services. For Hospital referrals it enables primary care staff to use e-referral facility to directly book first out-patient hospital appointment

• ScriptSwitch
Script Switch is the UK’s leading primary care prescribing support tool. The tool is comprised of three key elements, a content management tool, a prescriber message delivery system and an analytic data reporting system, helping in prescribing support by providing succinct prescribing recommendations, based on local guidance and national recommendations, at the point of prescribing. It helps in synchronising medicine optimization and impacting total cost of care

IRIS account production makes final accounts preparation an automated, fast and more efficient compliance

• Peninsula Health and Safety & HR Software System
o Risk assessment tool: Identify hazards, record potential risks and who they may affect, run reports and upload documents.
o Accident recording: Log injuries and near misses, get reminders to complete formal investigations and upload copies of supporting evidence and documents.
o Document library: Every type of form including guides, logbooks and safety record forms.
o Manage absences
o Plan and share rotas
o Staff clock in and out
o Expenses tracking

• Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook


• Practice Development & Delivery Scheme (PDDS)
The PDDS consists of four Healthcare projects:

1. Non-Elective Care

This project involved improving Non-Elective care in the primary care setting in order to reduce hospital admissions and A/E attendances. I successfully led and managed this project and supported patients in the community hence significantly reduced the A/E attendances and Hospital admissions by using the following methods:
o The practice introduced a telephone triage system where the doctor assessed the patient followed by routine or emergency appointments. Progress was observed with the aim to reduce A&E visits in core hours
o Patient with complex needs were provided with a care plan by the practice. Additional home visit and rapid response were offered to patient with urgent need
o Practice regularly held monthly MDT meetings with Social Worker, Community Matron, District nurses and Elderly care service for older adults. These steps improved the communication between the community services to provide timely care to Elderly, palliative care and high-risk patients

2. Planned Care

Planned Care project was aimed to change the way patients used community and Primary care GP facilities so it will bring care closer to patient’s homes. This project helped to free space at Croydon Hospitals for patients needing emergency and specialist services including treatment of cancer, neurology and complex maternity services
o Practice reviewed and monitored referral process to meet the targets
o All non-urgent Locum referrals were reviewed by senior clinician’s
o Non 2 weeks rule secondary care referrals were peer reviewed prior to leaving the practice

3. Key Improvement Areas

As a part of PDDS project each practice has to work on key improvement areas in every quarter. These areas include Diabetes, COPD, Mental Health, Smoking Cessation, Chronic Health, Bowel and Breast Screening. As a project manager my job was to set up Clinics for three key improvement areas in each quarter. I have successfully setup and managed all the above clinics and managed service delivery.

4. Prescribing

As per CCG prescribing targets I worked with clinical team and carried out audits and results were discussed with the team. It appeared that in order to maintain generic prescribing rate of 84.5 percent practice clinicians had to prescribe low cost alternative recommended medication. I ensured that all Clinical staff is trained on Script Switch software. We worked hard on this project and successfully achieved prescribing targets


• Successfully managed Care Quality Commission (CQC) Inspections
• Project managed QOF (Quality and Outcomes Frame Work), PDDS and successfully achieved the business targets
• Successfully met all project timelines and CCG requirements


• Published Author – Fundamentals of Success, 2018
• Course Representative for MSC at University of Bedfordshire UK (2007-2009)
• Project (Impact of rewards on employee motivation and performance) (


I love reading personal development books. I also enjoy socializing with family and friends. I love playing Cricket and video games with my kids.


Available on request

Accomplished and result-oriented Healthcare management professional with combined experience gained from diverse management positions, having served in Primary Care Management performing a wide range of management functions including integrating a unique blend of healthcare management expertise in planning, developing, implementing, evaluating, and directing health facility’s Quality Improvement programs and activities in defining the long-term vision, prioritization of requirements, and achievement of strategic objectives for the overall health care delivery

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