QAR 7,500

13+ years Experience as an Electrician and Instrumentation oilfield and Electrical Distribution System, Excellence analytical and problem solving capabilities including diagnostic and repair skills for complex problem in electrical distribution system and protection ,Knowledge of installing, troubleshooting and repairing switchboard, control panel, components motor circuits, building and light circuits, security system and control/relaying circuits ,LV,MV,HV Cable jointing , Switchgears and Transformer. Capable of safety supervising electrical contractor work for distribution and transmission line work and troubleshooting wide range of equipment, Knowledge of Machanical,Plumbing,Excellent time management skills, multitasking and prioritization abilities

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March 24, 2019 6:51 am

406 days, 17 hours

Additional Info

First NameTharanga
Last NameWeerakody
EducationG.C.E. A/L
Field of StudyElectrical
Time Period1 month
Job TitleElectrical Supervisor

Work Experience

Gulf Light’s Electrical Engineering
September 2004 to January 2009
* Domestic, Building, Industrial Wiring, Rewiring, and Electrical Appliances,
*PVC and GI Piping
* DB, SMB, LV Panel, Electrical Control Panel Installation and Cable Termination
* Motor Control Systems
* Follow-up IEE Regulation
* Working Safety and Different Environment
* Fire alarm, BMS, Access Control, CCTV Connection and Maintenances
* PLC, SCADA, VFD Controls
* UPS System
* Emergency Lights System
* Generator
*Oil and gas Refinery, Electrical Maintenance and Troubleshooting,

Qatar Electric
November 2010 – 2017

HV/MV/LV Cable Jointing,
HV/MV/LV Cable Termination,
MV Panel and Mains Installation,
Supporting for Bus Bar Installation
HV/LV Switch Gear
UPS System
Cable Testing
Arranging materials from Warehouse
Working as Warehouse supervisor

Shutdown Project Qatar General Electric & Water Authority 11kV/66kV Substation

Cable Jointing and termination 11kv

Dismantling and Replacement of Damaged Electrical Instrument & Instrument Cable Trays, Cables, Switches, and Other Fittings in CSP Plant

Installation, Fabrication and Assembly BPL Coupler Indoor and Out Door 11 Kv/66kV Substations

11Kv, 33Kv Shutdown Project in Gas Plant
3.3Kv/6.6 KV Switchgear and Motor
Gas Generator
VSD and PLC System
UPS System
Electrical & Instrumentation Fabrication

Qatar Gas
Instrumentation Cable Arrangement, Reconnection and Fabrication Upstream and Downstream
Cable Testing
Qatar Solar Project

11Kv, 33Kv Cable Termination and Joint
Cable Testing
11KV, 33Kv Switchgear
Electrical Control System and Fabrication

MAY, 2018 to Present

Transmitter systems, Antenna systems, Satellite Broadcasting, Media Telecommunication