Job hunting tips every job hunter must know

Job-hunting tips every job hunter must know

Finding your dream job is never a cakewalk. A well-prepared professional finds the process less stressful. A number of factors determine the success of a potential employee, given that job hunting does not involve a specific science. In the contemporary employment market, you need to come up with a well-planned strategy to land up with a satisfying career. Here, you will come across a few job-hunting tips, that will make the process more organized.    


Utilize your network

As an employee,you must know that more positions get filled than they are advertised. This indicates, that employers are picking candidates from the network of people they know, or from a closed circuit. It is important to grow your network and make sure that you get lucrative offers from these points. Many people spend a difficult time, searching for a suitable job, without developing their network.You should know, that networking now helps in getting hired much faster than the traditional processes. Make sure to develop your network and keep in touch with your peers to get hired from within the industry.  


Cleaning up social media profiles

A large number of recruiters go through the social media pages of the applicants during the selection process. In case you have messy social media pages, make sure to clean them up. When companies use Google to search candidates before hiring them, they often come across their social media profiles. Your activities,status and other elements in these profiles can turn out to be red flags. Take care of the actions that you mention in the social media. You must review the privacy settings and restrict the audience to only people you know.  


Get a strong resume

Remember, a generic resume does not serve all job profiles. Besides, the standards of resumes keep changing every year. Presently, a large segment of the recruitments is being made online. The appearance and format of your resume matter significantly in these cases. Apart from the language, make sure that it comes with a great visual appeal. Integrate the resume with keywords related to your job roles or skills. This will make it easy for search engines to locate your resume in the cyberspace. Take care of the fonts, as certain ATS software fails to read serif fonts. Keep the presentation simple and organized.  



Prioritize your accomplishments

Apart from sharing your experience in the resume, it is important to prioritize your accomplishments. A generic list of duties or responsibilities, or skills will not be adequate to fetch you a job in the competitive environment. You may list up specific accomplishments at the top of the document, so that the recruiter recognizes you as a distinguished professional in the domain. Focus on the areas that make you stand apart from the others. In case you have undergone any training module, specify it clearly in the resume. These key points strengthen the resume, and makes the recruiter actually read the document till the end.  



Do your homework

When you apply for a job, you need to carry out your research about the company you are approaching. Go through the website and social media pages, so that you can find information worthy to share on your cover letter. With a detailed insight on the company’s background, aesthetics and values, you can tailor the application accordingly. Besides, you can focus on the areas where the company needs deserving candidates, based on the performance of the firm. This increases the chances of getting selected.

You should be quantifying your accomplishments and maintain a consistency both on the online and offline platforms. Landing up with your dream job becomes easier, when you come up with an organized effort while knocking the doors.  

September 14, 2019 9:10 am