Importance of cover letter for a resume

Importance of cover letter for a resume

Job-seekers often consider their resume to be the all-powerful document to fetch them their dream job. However, it is the cover letter that actually complements your resume in securing you the desired position. A cover letter strategically targets your job application, streamlining your profile substantially. In the competitive job clutter, you need to justify the relevance of your application,and why a particular company should choose you over other applicants. A well-developed cover letter enables an employee to market the skills,experience and qualitative aspects effectively. Remember, your cover letter should not be another variation of your resume. This is an opportunity for you to convey your personality and soft skills to the employer.You can include the qualities and skills that are unique to you and explain the factors that lead you to opt for the particular position. Developing a powerful cover letter involves a professional understanding and insight into the employer’s profile. It is for this reason that job-seekers prefer to get their cover letters crafted by experts.     Have a look at the factors explaining the importance of your cover letter for the resume:


Focussing on unique professional attributes

The hiring managers and recruiters need to filter hundreds of CVs during the employment process. When you have a strategically crafted cover letter, the chances of selection are greatly enhanced. The cover letter must convey why you consider yourself to the ideal candidate for the position. The language, presentation and format play a significant role in moulding the impression of the employer.Besides, your knowledge on the background and business principles of the company can also come handy in crafting the cover letter. A deeper insight into these areas will make the letter more goal-oriented.  


Reflects the applicant’s personality

A cover letter is a great weapon to convey your soft skills to your recruiter. Before the employer actually goes through your resume, make sure that the person gets acquainted to your core values as well as people skills. This will draw a better image of your profile before the recruiters and help you get hired faster. Your personality traits must be evident in the cover letter and your words should resonate your character. In a workplace, the soft skills like leadership, manpower management, timeliness and decision-making abilities play a pivotal role in the success of the business. Make your cover letter potential enough to comprehend these aspects to the employer.


Tailoring your application

A tailored cover letter often turns out to be more compelling. Take your time to carry out research on the company. On assessing the recent performance of the firm, you can locate the requirements of the employer. Eventually, you can express your enthusiasm to take on the responsibilities and demonstrate your value as an employee. Tailoring the cover letter also conveys your specific motives behind applying for the job.  


Express your uniqueness

The first impression that you create in the mind of your employer counts. Therefore,seize the opportunity of expressing your uniqueness through a well-crafted cover letter. A unique combination of experience and skills ensures that a candidate has higher chances of getting selected. A cover letter brings you the opportunity to demonstrate the link between your abilities, experience and knowledge. When you sell your unique skills effectively through a cover letter,you enjoy better career prospects. Make sure to capture the attention of the recruiter through a compelling cover letter, before your resume does its job.


A cover letter conveys your experience, value and overall profile lucidly to potential employers. Today,most of the successful professionals seek expert help while crafting their cover letters. A sophisticated cover letter can balance your resume significantly and help you secure the position.        

September 14, 2019 9:12 am