How to write good resume

Write a resume which will fetch you the dream job

Every college graduate wants a job of his dreams. Immediately after finishing college education, graduates begin the elaborate process of job hunting. They research about different companies, find positions they are excited about and shoot out applications with glowing enthusiasm. But, the initial fervor gets dampened with each passing day and job seekers gradually slip into the deep pit of gloom.

This is the usual story with most candidates who harbor skyrocketing ambitions about career. Well, the happy news is that you can change your destiny and grab what you wish. Approach the issue differently and different results could come your way. So, the first thing to revamp is your resume. If you have a new job on mind, follow these tips religiously.


A well-written resume is the primary thing a job seeker needs to possess. This is the document which introduces you to the employer. A lackadaisical approach could play spoilsport even if you are the best candidate available for the position. So,ensure that you hit the target with the right kind of resume. Preparing acompelling resume and cover letter is the only solution to your problem.

Select the right type of resume- All resumes are not the same and there are many versions in use. You can opt for chronological resumes, functional resumes, targeted resumes etc. Chronological resumes are commonly used and employers love it for the simple and direct nature.If you are a person with enviable skills and significant work experience, functional resume would be the best fit. Here, your work history takes a back seat. It suits candidates who have gaps in professional life. Finally, targeted resume is the way to go if you are pitching yourself as a suitable candidate for a specific position. Well, it paints you as the ‘passionate one’.


Decide on the font & size- A resume is not a place to unleash your creativity in the form of fancy fonts. You may be under the impression that such gimmicks would attract eyeballs, but you cannot be more wrong. Illegible fonts and weird font sizes would dissuade the hiring manager from taking interest in your resume. Select a font and size that are easier to decipher and make it a point to leave ample white space in the page.In addition, you will be tempted to click on other style features such as bullets,italics, bold etc. All these adornments appear good, but deflect the reader’s attention and motivation. So, keep away from the tendency to flaunt unnecessary decorations.

Spice up your narration- It is time to tackle the tricky aspect of the whole process. You may be tempted to dump the resume with all skills you possess and literally everything you are capable of. This is a common mistake and most candidates believe that filling more pages would make their resumes impressive and capable of attracting attention. It is a totally wrong idea as hiring managers are on the lookout for suitable candidates who possess necessary skills and relevant experience only. Why would they care to read about someone’s totally unrelated extracurricular activities? So, make the resume relevant and to the point. Also, the resume should be packed with powerful words. We aren’t asking you to pick extremely tough words from the dictionary and make the hiring manager’s task tougher. But, put a bit of extra-effort to sound fresh and avoid clichéd words.


For example, an employer must have heard phrases like “team player”, “outside the box thinker”, and “people’s person” throughout his life. Find out new ways to describe your unique self rather than treading the banal path. Finally, your descriptions should give the feeling that you are a passionate worker. What differentiates passionate workers from others? People who consider a job as a means of sustenance would simply write down their duties and responsibilities. Meanwhile,passionate workers would happily present a duty and its positive outcome as a proud feat. The difference is huge and appreciable.


September 14, 2019 9:14 am