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Require Pre sales engineer with min criteria -Minimum 5 Years’ experience in Qatar in Pre sales – must be engineering graduate -Excellent knowledge in ELV […]

E-Marketing specialist

Wanted E marketing specialist with excellent software knowledge and website development Must have proficiency in English and Arabic min 5 years of experience NOC required […]

Female Accountant

Wanted Accountant , female with min 5 yrs of experience must hold degree must have RP visa preferred national- Filipina, Indian,Sri Lankan send cv to- […]

KNX Programming Engineer

Wanted KNX Programming Engineer for a Electro-Mechanical Trading Co with 3 years of work experience experience in KNX Programming, ETS5, Net X and all home […]

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My education background and career path has provided me with solid foundation over the years as i have gained good knowledge of administrative and public […]

Autocad Draftsman (civil)

I had done my B-tech degree in Civil Engineering from MBITS,Nellimattom,Ernakulam,Kerala,India.After that i had done certificate course on Building Design(includes softwares Autocad,Revit,Etabs,Q.T,O) from CADD CENTRE,Kothamagalam,Ernakulam,India.

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How to write good resume

Write a resume which will fetch you the dream jobEvery college graduate wants a job of his dreams. Immediately after finishing college education, graduates begin the elaborate process of job hunting. They research about different companies, find positions they are excited about and shoot out applications with glowing enthusiasm. But, the initial fervor gets dampened with each passing day and job seekers gradually slip into the deep pit of gloom.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});This is the usual story with most candidates who harbor skyrocketing ambitions about career. Well, the happy news is that you can change your destiny and grab what you wish. Approach the issue differently and different results could come your way. So, the first thing to revamp is your resume. If you have a new job on mind, follow these tips religiously. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});A well-written resume is…
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Importance of cover letter for a resume

Importance of cover letter for a resume

Job-seekers often consider their resume to be the all-powerful document to fetch them their dream job. However, it is the cover letter that actually complements your resume in securing you the desired position. A cover letter strategically targets your job application, streamlining your profile substantially. In the competitive job clutter, you need to justify the relevance of your application,and why a particular company should choose you over other applicants. A well-developed cover letter enables an employee to market the skills,experience and qualitative aspects effectively. Remember, your cover letter should not be another variation of your resume. This is an opportunity for you to convey your personality and soft skills to the employer.You can include the qualities and skills that are unique to you and explain the factors that lead you to opt for the particular position. Developing a powerful cover letter involves a…

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Job hunting tips every job hunter must know

Job-hunting tips every job hunter must know

Finding your dream job is never a cakewalk. A well-prepared professional finds the process less stressful. A number of factors determine the success of a potential employee, given that job hunting does not involve a specific science. In the contemporary employment market, you need to come up with a well-planned strategy to land up with a satisfying career. Here, you will come across a few job-hunting tips, that will make the process more organized.    


Utilize your network

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As an employee,you must know that more positions get filled than they are advertised. This indicates, that employers are picking candidates from the network of people they know, or from a closed circuit. It is important to grow your network and make sure that you get lucrative offers from these points. Many people spend a difficult time, searching f…

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Unemployed what to do ?

Howto stay motivated when the job search seems unendingA person’s job often defines his/her identity. This is exactly why many people are proud about what they do for a living. The exact opposite is also possible when people feel ashamed or inadequate due to their so called low profile jobs. When a job is closely and strongly linked to one’s self-image and self-esteem, the state of chronic unemployment could be tough to endure. If you are reading this, chances are that you are actively looking for a job. Are constant setbacks and unbearable frustration taking a toll on your mental health? Then, it is important to recognize your situation as an extremely common one. Hope is still on and you can surely bounce back from the depths of depression. We give few important tips to help you get back on track in style. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Break it into pieces- A daunting task appears achievable when it is broken down …
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